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triple jumpThe triple jump involves three phases, the hop, step and jump, and has sometimes been known by the name 'hop, step and jump' for that reason. The triple jump has been a part of the track and field athletics program for a long time. The standing triple jump was also once an event at the early Olympic Games.

Standing Triple Jump

The standing triple jump was held at the 1900 and 1904 Olympic Games. As with the conventional triple jump that is in the current Olympic Track and Field Program, the event is composed of three phases: the hop, the step and the jump. In the standing version of this event, no run up is allowed. The winner is the competitor who achieves the greatest distance out of all of three attempts. The standing jump champion of early 20th century, Ray Ewry of the USA, won both events with jumps of 10.58 m (1900) and 10.54 m (1904).

Running Triple Jump

Men's World Record Progression

15.52m Daniel Ahearn (USA) 1911
15.525m Nick Winter (AUS) 1924
15.58m mikio Oda (JPN) 1931
15.72m Chuhei Nambu (JPN) 1932
15.78m Jackmetcalfe (AUS) 1935
16.00m Naoto Tajima (JPN) 1936
16.00m Adhemar da Silva (BRA) 1950
16.01m Adhemar da Silva (BRA) 1951
16.12m Adhemar da Silva (BRA) 1952
16.22m Adhemar da Silva (BRA) 1952
16.23m Leonid Shcherbakov (URS) 1953
16.56m Adhemar da Silva (BRA) 1955
16.59m Oleg Rjahovsky (URS) 1958
16.70m Oleg Fedoseyev (URS) 1959
17.03m Jozef Szmidt (POL) 1960
17.10m Giuseppe Gentile (ITA) 1968
17.22m Giuseppe Gentile (ITA) 1968
17.23m Viktor Sanyeyev (URS) 1968
17.27m Nelson Prudencio (BRA) 1968
17.39m Viktor Sanyeyev (URS) 1968
17.40m Pedro Pérez (CUB) 1971
17.44m Viktor Sanyeyev (URS) 1972
17.89m João Carlos de Oliveira (BRA) 1975
17.97m Willie Banks (USA) 1985
17.98m Jonathan Edwards (GBR) 1995
18.16m Jonathan Edwards (GBR) 1995
18.29m Jonathan Edwards (GBR) 1995


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