Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing Equipment

There is a large range of equipment that can be used for fitness testing assessment. Here is a list of some of the essential items you may need to conduct fitness testing.

  • Stopwatch — you may need accurate timing for sprint and agility tests, 1 or 2 minute tests, or to be able to time longer run tests.
  • Skinfold Calipers — There is a large range in quality and price for measuring body fat levels, such as the Harpenden, Slim Guide, Fat Track, Skyndex, Lange, Accumeasure, Lafayette, Warrior, Personal Tester, Defender.
  • Measuring Tape — a simple cloth measuring tape is OK for many uses, but a metal tape is preferred as it is not prone to stretching. A metal ruler is also useful. There are tapes made for self assessment of girths, such as the Myotape.
  • Marker Cones — plastic cones are invaluable for marking out turning points, distances and lines to run.
  • Vertical Jump Apparatus — if you don't use the simple technique of a chalk and a wall, there are many apparatus for testing vertical jump, such as timing mats and vertical jump stands such as the vertec.
  • Handgrip Dynamometer — for measuring grip strength.
  • Exercise Ergometer — treadmill, cycle or rowing.
  • Timing Gates — there are many timing gate systems for sprint and agility testing.
  • Posture Grid — for the simple assessment of posture.
  • Sit and Reach Box — to measure flexibility
  • Goniometer — used for flexibility testing, for measuring the range of motion around a joint.


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