Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing for Sports

Welcome to the complete fitness testing source. We will be collating information to assist in conducting a wide range of fitness tests and interpret result. In addition, you can find fitness testing services anywhere in the world.

About Fitness Testing

When trying to maximize sporting performance, it is important to determine the athlete's ability in individual aspects of performance. Fitness testing attempts to measure individual components of performance, with the ultimate aim of studying and maximizing the athlete's ability in each component.

There are hundreds of standard fitness tests in use around the world, and hundreds more variations of these. They can range from elaborate and expensive laboratory tests to simple and inexpensive field tests. To do a fitness test it is not just a matter of reading the description of the test on this site. There are many things to consider before, during and after testing to ensure that meaningful results are achieved.

Each test has many advantages and disadvantages that can ultimately determine which is the most appropriate test to perform. If you are designing your own fitness testing regime, with the information about the relative merits and requirements of each test that is contained in this guide, you can make an informed choice of the most appropriate test or tests to use.