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How many sit-ups can you do?

World Records for Sit Ups

The sit up or abdominal curl is a common fitness test for abdominal core body strength. The test usually requires the participant to do the maximum number of sit-ups in a minute. The following records are not all verified. The technique used may vary making comparisons difficult.

Video: see mark pfeltz setting a world record for sit ups

Maximum Sit Ups in a minute

Sit up fitness tests are usually conducted over 1 minute. However, most world record attempts are for longer periods.

Max Sit Ups in an hour

James (Jim) Clark reeled off a world record 2,201 sit ups in one hour at the Mall of America in Bloomington (Minnesota,USA), on June 2, 2006. This broke the existing record of 1,448 by a man from India. It took him just 32 minutes to break the record and he did another 753 by the time his hour was up.

Max Sit Ups in 24 hours

Jim Clark achieved 44,001 sit ups in 24 hours back in 1989. He said that during that time he ate half a banana and half an orange. Brazilian Edmar Freitas did 111,000 sit-ups in twenty-four hours on Wednesday, March 6, 2002, breaking the previous world record held by an American Bill Evans, who had done 103,000 sit-ups in twenty-four hours. Freitas is a weight-training instructor. During the record attempt, he was allowed a five minute break every four hours so he could go to the bathroom. He also ate an energy bar and drank a glass of coconut milk every hour. On average, he did about 77 sit-ups every minute. Another source lists the current verified world record held by Skip Chase of the USA, who did 110,915 sit-ups in 24 hours.

Maximum number of Sit Ups

Mark Pfeltz of Baltimore, Maryland set the Guinness Book Of World Records for the maximum number of sit ups, completing 45,005 in 58.5hrs in 1986. See video. This record has since been broken.

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