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Who is the Fittest Golfer? Battle of the Sexes for golf

jumping womanOver the years, several women have taken on the men at their own game. Most recently, young superstar golfer Michelle Wie has joined the men on the PGA tour in a few events. In each time she to make the cut. Some say should shouldn’t even be there in the first place and should concentrate on the women’s tour. If she thinks she is good enough, why not?

Are the men worried about losing their publicity or prize money? Up to now she has not been good enough, though given time she should be able to pick up some money in these events. As with most skill based sports, it is possible for women to compete favorably with the men. In golf there is an element of fitness and strength as the men play from tees further from the green. Michelle Wie is able to compete with the men as she has a long drive.

As with most sports, there is more prize money for the men, so I don’t blame her for trying to get some of that, though it is probably not the driving factor. As with all sports people, they want to be challenged and strive to be the best they can, and by playing with the men that is what Wie is trying to do.


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