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How many Push Ups can you do?

push ups clipartA test of upper body strength endurance is the push up test, which is commonly conducted over a one minute period.

Most Pushups per Minute

The website states that record claims up to 199 push ups in one minute have been made, however they do not continue to publish these record claims because it became impossible to judge about the correctness of the technique of the exercises at this speed.

Wikipedia lists the Croatian Krunoslav Budiselic as a Guinness World Record holder with 140 pushups in one minute.

Most Non-Stop Pushups

The world record for the most number of non-stop push ups is 10,507 by Minoru Yoshida of Japan, which was achieved in October 1980.

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From US Navy Veteran Hector Franceschini of Temple, Texas.

"I saw the push-up video and I give an A for effort. But, I did 15,000 push-up's, 10,000 sit-up's and 1,000 pull-up's in 1 day whilke SCUBA Diving and taking martial art's later that day. "



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