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beep test running manThe beep or bleep test, or more correctly known as the Multistage Shuttle Run Test, is a test of aerobic (endurance) fitness that is conducted regularly for many team sports and schools. The test involves running between two markers 20 meters apart (see test details). There are several versions of the test, so comparisons between test scores is somewhat difficult.

There are some unconfirmed rumors that some athletes such as David Beckham (football/soccer), Lance Armstrong (cycling) and Neil Back (England rugby player), have completed the test, which is 23 levels on the commonly used version. This is unlikely. David Beckham is fit, but not the fittest in his teams, and Lance Armstrong struggled to perform well during retirement from cycling when he attempted running some marathons.

As this is a field test of endurance that is often used to test large groups, the best endurance athletes in the world would probably not have even tried the test. If they had, there would more likely be many athletes who can reach near the maximum score. High level endurance athletes would more likely perform a VO2max test to measure their aerobic fitness.

Male Top List

Here are some high scores that have been somewhat verified. Some have just been reported in newspaper articles, but that's as much as I have to work with. If you know of documented results I would love to hear of them.






1 19/2 Håkan Mild Football Played for IFK Gothenburg. Had been rumored to have completed the test, though 19/2 was confirmed on Swedish radio (radiosporten, January 2009)
2 19 Graham Bashop Rugby Union This All Black scrum half apparently achieved this in the early 90's.
3 17/1 Kini Qereqeretabua Rugby Union Fiji. This effort is very impressive, especially considering that he is 103kg.
4 17 Sebastian Coe athletics  
5 17 Lee Gong Dook Football (Soccer) Premier League player
6 17 Livermore Hockey (Field) Australian
7 17 Steve Nash Basketball  
8 15/11 Simon Black AFL Brisbane Lions club record


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