Fitness Testing

Warm-up for Fitness Testing

Warming up prepares the body for sport performance and can help decrease the risk of injury. It is important to warm up for fitness testing to ensure that the body is prepared to work to the best of its potential.

Whatever warm up is performed, it should be the same warm-up when the test is repeated, to help get consistent results.

The actual warm-up conducted will depend on the test being performed. Here is a standard warm that is suitable for a general fitness testing protocol.

  • Start with 5 to 10 minutes of light aerobic activity, such as jogging.
  • Follow this swith a group of stretches, including both the upper and lower body regions.
    • Look to stretch each part of the body, moving from one end of the body to the other ensures that no area is missed. Stretch the calf muscles, quads, hips, trunk, shoulder, neck.