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Austin Peay State University

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The University Recreation department is located in the Foy Fitness & Recreation Center at Austin Peay State University. We offer a variety of informal, educational and competitive activities to meet and expand the interests and abilities of our constituents.

Fitness Testing Services

TriFIT 700 Assessment by Polar

Evaluate your current health and fitness status with the state-of-the-art, computerized TriFIT system! This integrated health management system is used to assess strength, flexibility and body composition. TriFIT also features a variety of health and wellness assessments to help us make recommendations with the whole person in mind. Our trainers can use the graphic educational reports to track your progress and fine tune workouts based on the detailed information collected.

Polar BodyAge Assessment
You can choose a comprehensive fitness assessment that collects data on all the components of fitness. A unique feature of this report uses vital statistics collected to determine your physical age. This report also offers suggestions on lifestyle changes you can make to lower your body age.

Single Component Assessment
If you want to focus on a particular component of fitness, our trainers can do that too. Any of the following components may be tested alone:
• Body Composition          • Cardiorespiratory Fitness
• Flexibility                       • Health Risk Appraisal
• Muscular Strength          • Muscular Endurance

Contact Details

University Recreation
Foy Fitness and Recreation Center
Austin Peay State University
P.O. Box 4398
Clarksville TN 37044
P: (931) 221-7564
F: (931) 221-7950

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