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  • 34, Little Marsh Farm House, Cannock Rd, Penkridge, Stafford, Staffordshire ST19 5DU, UK
  • 0333 900 3330

Sportstest is a physiological assessment of an individual during exercise. The test provides medically accurate key performance measurements which can be used by the individual or their coach to develop a scientifically driven, optimal training program or exercise regime.

Whether you are training just to get fit, competing at the highest level, or looking to accomplish a new challenge, Sportstest will cater to your needs. Using Sportstest you will be able to enhance your training, taking your performance to a whole new level.

With Sportstest you can: Scientifically establish your real and optimal training zones, Optimise the use of your training time, Understand how your body functions at different levels of exercise, Use your personal thresholds profile to improve your program, Get a huge amount of physiological information from a short test in the laboratory.

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